UPDATED 2nd June 2017
(notice given: two months to eviction)

Dear All,

It may come as a surprise to many that in Italy today poverty has reached a level perhaps not seen since the Second World War, so that now almost half of families are struggling to support themselves.
Yet not everyone is in a position to help others. Usually we help our closest neighbours first: our family members, relatives, friends and maybe also our brothers and sisters in Christ.
I would like to present to your kind attention the case of a man, a friend, who is a person of great faith and of a good heart. I will allow him to explain:

I am 59 years of age and a former company manager and consultant. I live in a town in Lombardy (North Italy) with my invalid 60-year-old wife and the youngest of our children, my son, who is at present unemployed.
Due to the worsening of my wife’s health, in the last four years I have mainly dedicated myself to assisting her to undergo the medical examinations needed to formulate a diagnosis, thereby forfeiting several job opportunities.
Finally in 2016 the double diagnosis of vascular encephalopathy caused by a ‘disease of small vessels’, and moderate Alzheimer’s dementia, which is serious given her age, and which over time has robbed her of almost all her independence.
Our oldest child, my daughter, works in the health sector and helps us as much as she can, despite her modest salary.
Two years ago we had to give up our hatchback, as we could not afford its insurance and maintenance any more.
Since my son owns no means of transport, he has big difficulties finding a job because, living in a town in Lombardy, a car is essential to cover distances greater than a few kilometers.
We have received an eviction notice owing to some unpaid rental fees. If we do not settle our debt within two months, the eviction will be carried out.
We have knocked on all doors, almost always with a negative response, apart from the kind hearts of some friend benefactors.
As we have no minor children, we cannot benefit from certain specific social support.
My son and I cannot both work at the same time, because one of us always needs to be present at home to assist my wife. In any case we are willing to accept any honest job.
We are a Catholic family, devout and practicing since the beginning.
Thank you for whatever help you can offer and thank you especially to those who will pray for us. We will do the same for you.

Our friend is much committed to Catholic and Marian apostolate. For example, here is an article for those among you who can read Italian. It is regarding the Blessed Mary Corredemptrix:


If you are able to help our true friend, you can do this by using the following PayPal link. Please do not be embarrassed if you can give only a little. Divine Providence will use the little of many to accomplish great things.


Thank you, thank you very much from me as well! May God bless and reward you!

Cordially yours,