This is the presentation of The Way of Purity: To be true children of Mary, which is the English version of La via della purezza. Per essere veri figli di Maria, one of my new Italian books.

(Questa è la presentazione di The Way of Purity: To be true children of Mary, la versione inglese de La via della purezza. Per essere veri figli di Maria, uno dei miei nuovi libri in italiano).

Dear Reader,

I present to you a book that has to do with the greatest questions of our life.
As you can already notice from the title, everything here is seen from the standpoint of purity and devotion to Our Lady, two aspects of a believer’s life that are inseparable.
We need to share the treasure of faith, love and purity especially nowadays, when all of this is fought against like never before in human history.
It is a fiery battle indeed, or rather a war that will mark the end of a decaying world and the renewal of all that exists.

To get a better idea of the contents, you can read the synopsis here below. Like a friend, I invite you to spread this book, because it is a call to stand up and bring salvation to all people.

We seem to have completely lost sight, in our society, of a mother willing to live and die for the innocence of her children.
And where in today’s world can we find purity – a distant memory from our very early years?
By the grace of Heaven, such a great and loving Mother exists for each of us: She is Mary, Mother of God and of Christians.
So let us follow Mary in the way of purity, and one day, as she has promised us, we will see the Triumph of her Immaculate Heart.
Walking together on that road, we will rediscover ourselves while we walk.
Step by step, we will see what is pure and what is not in the lives of people, of society and of the whole world.
And finally we can only be happy by truly loving those who love us: our God, our Mother, and the people who are around us and who at times reach out to us.

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Isidoro D’Anna